Message for you!

W.O.W - If you are not willing to stand in the gap for people then leadership is not in your future. 

W.O.W - Preparation equips you for success but it also protects you from failure. 

W.O.W - Never enter into a battle that God did not approve for you to fight. 

W.O.W - The qualification for being in power is being faithful first. When you are faithful over a few you will become ruler over many. 

W.O.W - It is impossible for a woman to be intimate with her man when she does not feel safe with him. Women become excited when they feel secure. 

W.O.W - When people cannot discern your anointing they will never be able to receive from it. 

W.O.W - It is highly urgent that you disconnect from the wrong relationships because you will never enter Canaan until you leave Egypt. 

W.O.W - People that see you but CAN'T discern you will never be able to receive the hidden treasures within you. Mark 3:7-12

W.O.W - When you don't dream big you will live small. 

W.O.W - People will always remember two things about you, the problems you SOLVED for them or the problems you CREATED for them.  

W.O.W - Before God promotes you for leadership you must pass the test of servanthood first. Why? Because servants become leaders. Proverbs 12:24.

W.O.W - Failure is the proof that you have not trusted God.

W.O.W - People will always assume the wrong thing when you FAIL to communicate  the right thing. 

W.O.W -It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. 

W.O.W -It is better for you to be humble than for God to humble you. 

W.O.W -You can't change a person's behavior until you change their belief system because people will always DO WHAT THEY BELIEVE!

W.O.W - The goal of Christianity is not to change overnight but to make daily progress!

W.O.W - You can't change until you have been corrected. Being corrected POSITIONS you to change.

W.O.W - The truth will only hurt if it speaks to an OPEN WOUND of sin.

W.O.W -Other people's compliments will mean nothing if you don't have self confidence.

W.O.W -People will not commit to your vision when YOU are not committed to your vision. 

W.O.W -You can't change what you don't see!

W.O.W - Just because you believe a philosophy it doesn't mean you have accepted it. When you have APPLIED a philosophy, you have accepted it. 

W.O.W - When you are truly holy, people will be convicted in your presence before you ever say a word. 

W.O.W - You can't enjoy the fruit of success until you endure the work of success. 

W.O.W - You can't hold on to the past & expect to have a future.

W.O.W -When you are afraid to change you will never progress.

W.O.W -You need to know how to control your emotions because when your emotions control you, your life will be OUT-OF-CONTROL.

W.O.W - When you don't listen to wisdom, experience will be your next teacher!

W.O.W - You will receive the PRESENTS of God when you enter into the PRESENCE of God.

W.O.W - In order to receive a divine promise you must follow a divine instruction FIRST.

W.O.W - Trustworthy people are proven in their ability to keep a promise!

W.O.W - It is foolish to complain about what you CAN'T control.

W.O.W - Never make a decision in your weakness!!

W.O.W - God has not denied you of anything, your ignorance has denied you!

W.O.W - God loves doing the impossible because it is when things become impossible that He shows He is God alone!

W.O.W - A snake can only bite you if YOU ALLOW it to get close to you. Discern who is around you.

W.O.W - Excellence is one step lower than perfection. You can be excellent. BELIEVE IT!

W.O.W -The world honors immoral behavior. God honors righteous behavior. Who is giving you praise?

W.O.W - God does not need a man to validate His truth, He wants a man to teach His truth.

W.O.W - Deception is never absent of truth and never void of a lie. 

W.O.W -INFORMATION changes your MIND. REVELATION changes your VISION. WISDOM changes your HEART.

W.O.W - The danger behind believing a lie is that you will never be able to receive the truth. You will never change what you believe!

W.O.W - One false word can ruin an entire page of truth. Look out for false doctrine!

W.O.W - It is better to stand alone in righteousness than to be unified in evilness. 

W.O.W - Life is too short to stay foolish for a long time. Make it a priority to get wisdom.

W.O.W - Life is what you make it to be. God has made life simple. People have made life hard. Who will you allow to govern your life?

W.O.W - The worse thing you can do is to look for something you ALREADY have. #awasteoftime

W.O.W - What you CONSTANTLY think about is what is controlling your life.

W.O.W - Your boss is not paying you because he likes you, he is paying you because of your knowledge. If you want to double your salary, increase your knowledge. Isaiah 1:17 says "LEARN TO DO WELL".

W.O.W - It is better to eat the left overs from the Master's floor than to eat steak at the enemy's table. Why? Because a righteous environment is healthier than tainted pleasure.

W.O.W - You can change your behavior, character and your mind but your PERSONALITY will never change because your personality has been tailored made for your purpose!

W.OW - When you are addicted to drama you will become allergic to peace.

W.O.W - Patience produces excellence! Taking your time will help you be more detailed in your work. 

W.O.W - When parents FAIL to discipline their child; the court system will discipline their child. DISCIPLINE GENERATES CORRECTION!

W.O.W - Nobody is perfect but everybody has potential. You must learn to be patient with people.

W.O.W - If you don't renew your mind your behavior will NEVER change!


W.O.W - You can never run away from God because He is everywhere. Your IDEA of running away is really rejection.

W.O.W - The devil cannot change what God did, he can only rename it. For example, God created the family but the devil rename it as a gang.

W.O.W - When you do not forgive others you STOP God from giving to you. God's hand stays open to the individual's whose heart stays open. 

W.O.W - God will NEVER bless disobedience. The blessed life is an obedient life!

W.O.W - God honors His word BUT He examines your words!

W.O.W - God will bless what you do but He will reward what you say. His blessings & rewards are NOT the same!

W.O.W - God is waiting on you to give to Him so that He can release others to give to you.

W.O.W - God plans your life based on your purpose, not based on your passion.

W.O.W - The people who lead you away from God are assigned to destroy you. 

​​W.O.W - When God causes a nation to experience famine He is calling that nation to repent. 

​​W.O.W - You cannot genuinely submit to God until you have repented unto God. REPENTANCE CREATES A HEART OF SUBMISSION. 

​​W.O.W - It is when things are impossible where 
everything will become possible for those that BELIEVE!! Philippians 4:13 "I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me".

W.O.W - If you stay attach to what's left you cannot connect to what's coming. 

W.O.W - When you try to operate OUTSIDE of your anointing you will always be defeated. Learn to stay in your lane. 

​​W.O.W - Integrity will attract trust. Commitment will attract loyalty. Liars will attract deceivers. YOU WILL ALWAYS ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE!

W.O.W - God REPLENISHES, people RECYCLE! There is a difference. 

W.O.W - When a person is unteachable they become incapable of changing

W.O.W - Being powerful doesn't make you successful it makes you CAPABLE of being successful. 

W.O.W - Fear will only have power over you when you have done the WRONG thing. 

W.O.W - The enemy can only take what God NEVER approved. 

W.O.W - Sacrifice is a temporary experience that produces an eternal reward. 

W.O.W - Your experience with God will determine your perception of Him. 


W.O.W - What you fail to remember, you will fall victim to AGAIN!

​​W.O.W - The only way to die in confidence is to have lived SERVING the Lord.

W.O.W - It is worthless to give a holy offering with a unholy heart.

W.O.W - If you turn away from God, He will allow your enemies to defeat you.

W.O.W - You are a danger to yourself if you are successful on the earth but a failure in God. #Solomon

W.O.W - How do you prepare for something that is prone to change? You maximize and make the most of EVERY moment!!!

W.OW - The bridge between your dream becoming your reality is called HARD-WORK!

W.O.W - God will give you what you want; people will give you what you NEGOTIATE for.

W.O.W - DON'T FOLLOW TRENDS. When you follow trends you are discounting the uniqueness that God has placed inside of you. You are too expensive to go on sale!

W.O.W - When you tell somebody something that feels good but is not good their blood is on your hands because you are consciously leading them down the road of destruction.

W.O.W - Your family are those who you can RELATE TO, NOT THE ONES WHOM YOUR RELATED TO.

W.O.W - Taking revenge is an evil man's pleasure. Exhibiting forgiveness is a righteous man's pleasure.

W.O.W -People will remember what you DON'T DO MORE than what you do. Maintain your integrity.

W.O.W - When you STOP moving forward, you START going backwards!

W.O.W - The devil attempts to break your focus by SENDING a fool to change your focus!

W.O.W - Committing sin will always make you feel ASHAMED before the Lord but don't allow that sin to keep you away from the one who will redeem you from sin.

W.O.W - Your tears mean something to God; do not waste them on someone that didn't give your life meaning.

W.O.W - You control your level of stress. Why? Your DEFINITION of success will create your stress.

W.O.W -You cannot become what you FIRST do not believe.

W.O.W - You can always identify an enemy when your pleasure becomes their pain.

W.OW - You must be in the right position BEFORE you can be prosperous! #Joseph

W.O.W - If you want to stop being miserable, start doing something you LOVE because doing something you hate will always create misery. Doing something you love will create passion. 

W.OW. - The greatest failure in life is not to know who you really are.

W.O.W - If you do not NEGOTIATE for what you want you will not get what you want, you will get what SOMEBODY WANTS FOR YOU.

W.O.W - The person who is most successful is not the one who is more talented but the one who is more DETERMINED.

W.O.W - You are unfit for greatness if you are too WEAK to handle great persecution.

W.O.W - Hope will only die when you STOP believing!!

W.O.W - The purpose of a fool is to HINDER what you are attempting to accomplish!

​​W.O.W -The people who attempt to lead you away from God are assigned to destroy you. 

W.O.W - Change will never happen in comfort!

​​W.O.W - Do not entertain foolish people, CORRECT THEM!

​​W.O.W - You should always be content but NEVER complacent. 

​​W.O.W -Never invest time into a person that has rejected the opportunity to learn from you.

​​W.O.W - The greatest demonstration of love is to be chosen. When an individual has another option but they choose you, THAT'S LOVE!

​​W.O.W - God's MERCY gives you ANOTHER chance in life, God's FAVOR gives you a BETTER chance in life. 

​​W.O.W - You will always reproduce what you are, NOT what you believe you are. 

​​W.O.W - Your financial future is dependent on your financial seed. If you are too cheap to sow a financial seed you are robbing yourself from receiving financial abundance because THE SEED STARTS THE CYCLE OF INCREASE. 

W.O.W - You will only obey what you believe!!

​​W.O.W - If you become consumed in believing the compliments of an average person telling you how great you are you will NEVER become great. 

​​W.O.W - If you allow yourself to be distracted you will never reach your divine destiny. 

​​W.O.W - What you CONSTANTLY hear and see, you will EVENTUALLY believe. 

​​W.O.W - An authentic Man or Woman of God will have access to the hand of God. 

​​W.O.W -When you bite the hand that feeds you, you will starve because no one else is willing to feed you. 

​​W.O.W - Money is the currency in the world, Faith is the currency in the Kingdom of God. 

​​W.O.W - Every problem ends with a question. Every answer ends with a period. It is your responsibility to get understanding, not God's. Make sure the book of your life is filled with periods and not questions. 

​​W.O.W -The seeds you are sowing today are shaping your future. 

​​W.OW - The greatest reward in life is to know that you have made a difference in someone else's life.

​​W.O.W - God is in control of your rewards and consequences but you are in control of your decisions. 

​​W.O.W - When you can keep yourself inspired you will always remain creative. 

​​W.O.W - A wise person brings PEACE to a troubled situation. A foolish person brings CONFUSION to a troubled situation. 

​​W.O.W - Our job is to resist the enemy, God 's job is to defeat the enemy. STOP trying to do God's job. RESIST the devil and he shall flee!

W.O.W - When you are around failures it will be easy for you to accept failure. 

​​W.O.W - If you are asking God for a financially breakthrough you must break the cycle FIRST by sowing financially. 

​W.O.W - Never sow your time into someone that will not honor your teachings. 

W.O.W - If you are wondering why you don't have what you want today, it's because you didn't sow it yesterday. Sow for your future not for your present. 

​​W.O.W - The QUALITY of your seed is based on the purity of your motives. 

​​W.O.W - Productive people EXECUTE they do not make excuses!

​​W.OW -  Your words have a boomerang affect. What you say will come back to you.

W.O.W -  Never solve a problem that doesn't come with a promise. 

W.O.W - Your choices are defining your legacy!!

W.O.W - Decisions changes your present; seeds changes your future. 

​​W.O.W - An opportunity is NEVER ABSENT of responsibility. 

W.O.W - As your options increase so will your temptations. 

W.O.W - The Bible will not work for you until you believe it. The power of the Bible is locked in your FAITH.

W.OW - Never sow into something or someone that you do not believe in. The seed is POWERLESS without your faith!

W.O.W - Your weakness is NOT sin, your weakness LEADS you into sin. 

​​W.O.W - Prosperity has a price...PEOPLE. 

​​W.O.W - God will manifest your dream when you do the work. 

​​W.O.W - You don't have to pray for a harvest if you are sowing into your harvest.


W.O.W - If you are a Christian but you are loving what is wrong it will disqualify you from receiving discipleship from the Holy Spirit.

​W.O.W - If you are a Christian and you choose to serve under another religion, the cycle of your life will turn from pleasure to pain. (Reference Psalm 16:4)

W.O.W - Just because you are in the presence of Kings and Queens it doesn't mean you are called to royalty, it could mean that you are called to SERVE royalty. -D.M

W.O.W - Just because somebody is helping you it doesn't mean they trust you.

W.O.W - The only reason you do not have what you need is because you are too ARROGANT to ask.

W.O.W - You should never be dependent on something that has the propensity to change. 

W.O.W - God cannot give you more if you are content with little. EVERYTHING IS BASED ON YOUR HUNGER!

​​W.O.W - Age does not determine maturity. Knowledge determines maturity. 

​​W.O.W - God will lend His ear to those that bend their knee. Humble Yourself!!

​​W.O.W- If you continue to JUSTIFY your weaknesses you will never change them.

W.O.W- The people that are not walking with you on your journey will NEVER understand your passion. Don't be dismayed when you are misunderstood.

W.O.W- When people criticize your dream that's because they don't have a dream to believe in. Remember, Joseph endured the same criticism from his brothers.

W.O.W - When you ignore what is wrong you are walking away from what is right.

W.O.W - Inspiration is the liberation that creates a thought into your imagination

W.O.W - Experience is the worst teacher because it takes you too long to learn the lesson and it provides the worst pain. 

W.O.W - Don't be so focus on your prosperous dream that you overlook helping people that are living a poor reality. 

W.O.W - A church that worships tradition will never honor transformation because transformation will always contradict tradition. 

W.O.W - The enemy can't hurt you if you fail but he can destroy you if your FAITH FAILS!

W.O.W - The enemy can't hold you down, he can only deceive you into thinking that you are held down. 

W.O.W - A person's PERCEPTION of you will define their PERSPECTIVE of you. 

​​W.O.W - If you desire to become wise, it's not what you learn that matters it's HOW you learn it that matters. 

​​W.O.W - You cannot change what you do not control. Stop being a slave and be a leader!

​​W.O.W -When you stop investing in non-sense you will receive things that make sense. 

W.O.W -Only fools listen to fools. 

W.O.W - A lie has no power until you believe it. 

W.O.W - Life gets better as you get older because of two reasons, you know what to AVOID & you know what to IGNORE. 

W.O.W - INVESTMENT PRINCIPAL: People will invest in experience. God will invest in potential.  If you are not qualified to be praised by people; God has ALREADY qualified you to be praised by Him. 

W.O.W - When you are in the presence of a real prophet, there are 3 things that they will hate. 
              1) Hypocrites
              2) Injustice
              3) Compromise​​​

W.O.W -The greatest treasure a man can have in his home is PEACE.

W.OW - It doesn't take a long time for God to bless you, it takes a long time for you to BELIEVE!

​​W.O.W - It takes no effort to live small but it takes EVERYTHING to live big!

W.O.W - Never let the praise of another person blind you to your own weaknesses. STAY HUMBLE!!

W.O.W - Being positive is a good thing but being Godly is a great thing. Being positive will give you a great attitude but being Godly will give you divine rewards.

W.O.W - God can do wonders but YOU need to learn how to be wonderful. God is not going to pour new wine into old wine skins.

W.O.W - You can't give what you don't have and you can't share what you do not know. If you want to help people you must FIRST help yourself.

W.O.W - You do not have to believe God for a healing if you are WISE enough to take care of your health.

W.O.W - Just because people label you by your sin it doesn't mean God hasn't freed you from sin. Don't allow how someone thinks about you decide how you should feel about yourself.

W.O.W - There is a difference between the people that LOVE YOU & the people that LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Never confuse the two because if you do you will put your trust into a person that is bound to betray you because someone loving what you DO does not mean they will have loyalty to YOU.

W.O.W -LIFE DOESN'T LIE, PEOPLE LIE. The current condition of a person's life tells the truth about how they lived or how they are living.

W.O.W - A wise man is powerful not because he is physically strong but because he is mentally strong. A wise man will not fight his enemy, he will TRAP his enemy because he understands HOW to win the victory without getting hurt.

W.O.W - When you are in the presence of greatness the FIRST thing you do is listen, the SECOND thing you do is talk.

W.O.W -  You are going to spend your money in three ways; 
               1) To IMPROVE your life.
               2) To PLEASE (entertain) your life.
               3) To DESTROY your life.
               How are you spending your money??​​​​

​​W.O.W -  When the enemy is attacking you, you are doing something right. Be encouraged!

​​W.O.W - Here is a BIBLICAL BATTLE PRINCIPAL: The one who attacks first will always win the battle. Do not get caught sleeping!

​​W.O.W - You do not have to believe God for a healing when you are wise enough to maintain your health. 

​​W.O.W - The enemy cannot stop what God will do for you but he can discourage you from believing God. 

​​W.O.W - When in battle, the person who has the best strategy will always have the victory. 

​​W.O.W - When you live in an environment where poverty is the norm you begin to think that poverty is acceptable. Why? BECAUSE YOU WILL ALWAYS ACCEPT WHAT IS NORMAL. 

​W.OW. - God will fight your battles, but you must fight for your territory. 

W.O.W - Consistency is the proof of commitment. 

​​W.O.W - When your enemies ask for mercy or help they have become your footstool.

W.O.W - You cannot win in life when your PERCEPTION about life is wrong.

W.O.W - If you are not different you will not be relevant. People are not attracted to what they have, they are attracted to what they do not have.

W.O.W - Your talent doesn't make you a winner, your attitude makes you a winner!

W.O.W - When the enemy is talking he is attacking, when he is silent he is planning.

W.O.W - Don't make decisions by what you see. Make decisions by what you believe. We walk by faith and not by sight.

W.O.W - A wise man doesn't turn his back on the people that have been watching his back. 

​​W.O.W - When you decide to move in faith, your miracles will move toward you. 

​​W.O.W - People will stab you in the back when they are afraid to correct you to your face. 

​​W.O.W - Peace will bring you comfort; Prosperity will bring you pleasure. 

​​W.O.W - If you want to have more options, gain more knowledge. 

​​W.O.W - If you don't study God's Word you will never be able to recognize His voice because His Word IS His voice. 

​​W.O.W - The purpose of an enemy is to disturb your peace because peace increases your focus and being focus increases your assertiveness. 

​​W.O.W - Don't allow the struggle of another person to define your journey. 

​​W.O.W - What is the primary difference between the people that follow you and the people that walk with you? The people that FOLLOW you are the ones you should TEACH. The people that WALK WITH YOU are the ones you should TRUST.

W.O.W - Your blessings will increase when your faith increases.

W.O.W - The purpose of an enemy is to disturb your peace because peace increases your focus and being focus increases your assertiveness.

W.O.W - Only mentor the people that are willing to adapt to your standards. If they cannot adapt they are not worthy of your council and mentor-ship.  

​​W.O.W - Everything given to you is not always good. Always discern the giver!

​​W.O.W - The job of a mentee is to have passion. The job of a mentor is to turn your passion into purpose. 

W.O.W - There are five types of people you cannot help.

1) People who do not want to be CORRECTED.
2) People who do not want to LEARN.
3) People who do not RESPECT YOU.
4) People who are LAZY.
5) People who are STUBBORN.

W.O.W - The people that will walk with you will stand for you.

W.O.W - Living in an environment of peace will produce a healthy body. Peace is the best medication you can give your body. Proverbs 14:30

W.O.W - The enemy will attack you when you stand up for righteousness. God will punish you when you do evilness & wickedness.

W.O.W - The person that can be bought is INCAPABLE of being loyal.

W.O.W - What you fail to remember you will fall victim to.

W.OW - If you spend your time with a bitter person they will make your day sour. 

​​W.O.W - Don't allow low minded people to rob you of thinking high level thoughts. 

​​W.O.W- Don't allow people to give you less when God has planned to give you the best. 

​​W.O.W - You will experience disappointment when you expect something from a person who is incapable of delivering the goods. 

​​W.O.W - Putting God first is not a choice, it's a command. (Matthew 6:33)

W.O.W - Never put a bucket into an empty well. Don't seek out people who cannot help you. 

W.O.W - Do not resuscitate what God wants dead!

W.O.W -If you do not RENEW your mind, you cannot receive anything NEW. 

W.O.W - The person that sleeps all day and complains all night about what they do not have is an example of a double minded person. 

W.O.W -Don't allow petty obstacles to distract you from major accomplishments. 

W.O.W - Before you can do what is right you have to UNLEARN what is wrong. 

W.O.W - Your experience with God determines your perception of Him. 

W.O.W - Pride ROBS you of what God gave you. Deception STEALS what God has given you. 

W.O.W - When a person doesn't want to be corrected, they do not want to be helped. 

W.OW - When you tell a big vision to a small minded person you are inviting unbelief because their lack of understanding will create a conversation of doubt. 

W.O.W- The world teaches us that we have to fail in order to succeed but God shows us that if we gain wisdom we would avoid failing. 

W.O.W- Sacrifice is a temporary experience that produces an eternal reward. 

W.O.W -A WORLDLY mindset makes decisions based on their sight. A KINGDOM mindset makes decisions based on their faith.

W.O.W- A relationship has changed when the TONE of the words in that relationship has changed.

W.O.W- If a person will not trust God, you should not trust them.

W.OW - You were made to function, so if you are doing something that is not working it just mean that it doesn't belong.

W.O.W-God will fulfill His promise when you walk in your purpose.

W.O.W- God can only bless what you allow Him to touch. He's a gentlemen, not a thug.

W.O.W- If you do not allow God to LEAD your life, sin will CONTROL your life.

W.O.W - You will only conquer what you have decided to hate.

W.OW - The only thing that will dominate your life is what you concentrate on.

W.O.W - Coming empty handed before God when He has given you so much freely, is dishonorable.

W.O.W- Selfish people are not defined by how much they have. They are defined by how little they give. .

W.O.W- If you want to become a person of great wisdom you must learn how to become ATTENTIVE to what others are blind to.

W.O.W- Jealousy is an ugly form of admiration but it's still admiration. 

W.O.W-You will never become what you are not obsessed with.

W.O.W- It is HEALTHY to be under pressure but it is UNHEALTHY to be stressed out. Being under pressure pushes the best out of you. Being stressed out pushes the happiness out of you.

W.O.W- When righteous people stand up evil works will be destroyed.

W.O.W- You can't give what you do not have & you can't have what you do not understand.

W.OW- Never surround yourself with miserable people because their goal is to make you FEEL their misery. Do not take ownership to what never belonged to you.

W.O.W- You have the option to do whatever you want to do but it is wise to do what God wants you to do.

W.O.W- When God has His hand on you no man can put his HANDS on you.

W.OW- You should only invest time into the person or place you respect. 

W.O.W- There is a difference between having knowledge and having wisdom. Knowledge is power but wisdom MAKES YOU POWERFUL.

W.O.W-Character is revealed in the famine, not in the feast. 

​​W.OW - Wars are fought by soldiers but WON by thinkers. TAKE TIME TO DEVELOP YOUR MIND. 

W.O.W - Never trust a person who will not be honest to themselves because if they lack the character to be honest to themselves it will be impossible for them to be honest to you.

W.O.W- The proof of somebody QUITTING is their unwillingness to keep reaching (pursing). When a person STOPS reaching they START regretting.

W.O.W - You cannot change what you are not honest about.

W.OW - If you carry the weight of a lie in your life you will become exhausted by the burden of guilt. 

​​W.OW- Never trust a person that is not willing to be honest with you. 

​​W.O.W- When the enemy can stop your consistency he will stop your increase because consistency produces increase. 

W.O.W-In order to WIN in the WORLD you have to master the art of holding on and being in control. 

W.O.W-In order to WIN in the KINGDOM OF GOD you have to master the art of letting go. 

W.O.W - The best way to finish every goal is to stay focus on what matters and to ignore what is insignificant. 

​​W.O.W - The enemy studies your reactions. If you want to decrease the attacks on your life learn how to CONTROL YOUR REACTIONS. 

​​W.O.W- The responsibility of a rich man is to teach a poor man how to get out of poverty. 

​​W.O.W - FAITH IS A PRINCIPAL.! Faith does not discriminate. If you BELIEVE, DO & EXPECT you will have. A sinner that BELIEVES, DO & EXPECT will have more than the Christian who just talks a good game. 

​​W.O.W - God entrust opportunities to people that knowhow to manage their time.

W.O.W - How do you want to be remembered? Evil men are remembered by men but FORGOTTEN by God. Holy men are remembered by men & remembered by God. 

W.O.W - If you do not do something DIFFERENT you will die INSIGNIFICANT.

W.O.W- When you are IGNORANT to the TRUTH you will be BOUND by a LIE.

W.O.W- RELATIONSHIP WISDOM: Do not marry a person who does not inspire you to change and improve. If they can't inspire you it will be impossible for them to make you happy. 

​​W.O.W- You will never understand a person's passion until you have made their SAME investments.

​​W.O.W- People that do not listen cannot be helped. The proof of humility is the willingness to listen.

W.O.W - Arrogance blinds you to your own flaws.

W.O.W- Your ideas will always be restricted to the magnitude of your imagination. Broaden your ideas by increasing your imagination.

W.O.W- The closer you get to God the more you begin to see the enemy face.

W.O.W - The IMPACT of your words will change lives, not the LENGTH of your conversation. In a conversation focus on the quality of your words not the quantity.

W.O.W- Obeying the LAWS of God gives you access to His PROMISES but following the LIFE of God gives you access to His HOME (Heaven).

W.O.W - Love doesn't hurt, loving the WRONG person hurts.

W.O.W - You will not pursue what you do not find value in.

W.O.W - If you WORK like a slave but THINK like a king you will prosper in everything you do. 

W.O.W -There is never a wrong time to show love BUT it is wrong NOT to give love.

W.O.W - If you want to know what is important to a person WITHOUT asking them, just listen to what they constantly REPEAT.

W.O.W - You cannot change your life until you learn to LISTEN to other people that have CHANGED their life.

W.O.W - You cannot reap Godly rewards if you INVEST in a WORLDLY SYSTEM. 

​​W.O.W - You cannot find your treasure until you locate your gift. 

​​W.O.W -Your atmosphere inspires your thoughts. 

​​W.OW - The habits you create are the successes you will receive. 

​​W.O.W - Evil people are remembered by men but FORGOTTEN by God. Holy people are remembered by men AND remembered by God. 

​​W.O.W - You cannot get upset when people do not support your dream. Remember it's YOUR DREAM.

W.O.W - The enemy can only steal what you have ignored.

W.O.W - You will BECOME what you worship. For example, If you worship God you will become holy. If you worship the devil you will become evil. If you worship things you will become insignificant.

W.O.W - The size of your fruit is predicated on the level of your work.

W.O.W - You can't receive the great until you let go of the mediocre. You can't grow until you learn to let go. 

W.O.W - You are assigned to fix what you have the tools for.

W.O.W - The entitlement attitude breeds the behavior of laziness.

W.O.W- Don't allow the way people think of you to shape how you think about yourself.

W.O.W - You cannot find your treasure until you locate your gift.

W.O.W - Don't allow ignorance to rob you of your abundance.

W.O.W - You can tell when a person doesn't trust you it will always be dependent on what they REFUSE to tell you.

W.O.W - The problem you solve for yourself today will create a peace for you tomorrow but the problem you leave unsolved today creates a tomorrow filled with worry, fear, restlessness and anxiety.

W.O.W - Jealous people don't hate you, they hate what you are doing.

W.O.W- If you honor God's Word He will honor YOUR WORDS.

W.O.W -High emotions DECREASES financial intelligence.

W.O.W - Do not despise small beginnings because it is the small steps that is GROOMING you for greatness.

W.O.W - When you focus on the problem you blind yourself to the solution.

W.O.W - Who you are today is a result of what you did yesterday. You become what you plant.

W.O.W- The people that OVERLOOK you now will be LOOKING for you later. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

W.O.W - The reason a person is jealous of you is because you remind them of what they MISSED out on.

W.O.W- What you fail to remember you will repeat.

W.O.W - People who procrastinate in everything they do will receive the leftovers in life.

W.OW. - When a person refuses to change what they constantly complain about, this is a clue that they love being miserable.

W.O.W - Never trust a person that is jealous of you. The spirit of jealousy will pollute the relationship.

W.O.W-The only reason you will attract the wrong people is because you refuse to treat people right.

W.O.W -Trust should be earned,  it should never be given freely.

W.O.W - Success is obtained when a person focuses on building their strengths. Improvement is made when a person focuses on building their weaknesses.

W.O.W -Do not trust a person that lies to THEMSELVES.

W.O.W- You will meet your foes as you begin to achieve your goals.

W..O.W - The enemy builds your fear by causing you to focus on men flaws instead of God's integrity.

W.O.W - Great things happen to great people. Good things happen to good people. You attract what you are.

W.O.W- Men determine your importance by how much money you make. God determines your importance by the level of service you demonstrate. 

W.O.W - If your hands are tied God wants you to use your mind. THINK ABOUT IT!

W.O.W-Your relationship with God is not predicated on what you do but what you GIVE.

W.O.W - Playing it safe is usually a sign of having a LACK of faith.

W.OW - If you don't want to receive the judgment of God; BECOME HOLY!

​​W.O.W- People do not believe the truth they believe REPETITION. Hitler told lies but the people believed the lies because he repeated them constantly.

W.O.W- When God is not increasing your income He is teaching you how to be a good steward over your CURRENT income.

W.O.W- Do not pour water into a cracked vessel. In other words do not pour yourself into a broken relationship.

W.O.W - The favor you sow is the favor you will reap. (Isaiah 58)

W.O.W - Lack is the proof you have rejected wisdom.

W.O.W- It is better to be quiet and positive than to speak and be negative.

W.O.W -You only get what you are passionate about, NOT what you desire. Desire is simply wanting something. Passion is not being able to live without something.

W.O.W - You can't be who you want until you let go of who you are today.

W.O.W - A wise mind is an open mind.

W.O.W- A lie has no power until you believe it.

W.O.W - Poor people seek for the immediate gratification but rich people look for long term gratification.

W.O.W - People that gossip to you will soon gossip about you.

W.O.W - A part of humility is being quiet when you have the ability to brag.

W.O.W - When you don't take care of your business your business will take care of you.

W.O.W- It is better to be single than to be married to the WRONG person.

W.O.W -Don't confuse the act of waiting. We are suppose to wait on God. We are NOT suppose to wait on men.

W.O.W - Protect your passion by looking at something that will motivate you.

W.O.W - A person's perception of you will define their perspective of you. 

​​W.O.W - Part time Christians cannot receive full time benefits. 

​​W.O.W - The best way to make money is to solve a problem that other people can't solve for themselves. 


W.O.W - When you thought you learned so much, you realize that you haven't learned enough. Become a life learner.

W.O.W - It is better to be a king in a small place than to be a servant in a big place.

W.O.W- When you overcome the fear of being who you REALLY ARE you will experience the greatness of who you can be.

W.O.W - Whatever you do not face will soon slap you in the face.

W.O.W - God destroys your pride by making you powerless so you can see how powerful He is.

W.O.W - Man's greatest downfall with God is that they knew so much but demonstrated so little.

W.O.W - Your integrity will keep you in the place of prosperity or take you out of the place of prosperity.

W.O.W - Just because someone follows you it doesn't mean they believe in you.

W.O.W - Doing things in order will bring your life in order.

W.O.W- When you thought you learned so much you realized you haven't learned enough. Become a life learner!

W.O.W- It is better to be a king in a small place than to be a servant in a big place.

W.O.W- Experience is the worst teacher because it takes too long to learn the lesson and it provides the worst pain.

W.O.W- The weight of greatness is major responsibility. The reward of greatness is prestigious honor.

W.O.W- You can only change what you are aware of. You cannot expect someone to change what they are blind to.

W.O.W - When you have limited wisdom you will have limited influence. When you have an abundance of wisdom you will have an abundance of influence.

W.OW -You cannot THINK BIG if you listen to small minded people.

W.O.W - You will never manifest your full purpose in God until you STOP being who you want to be and START becoming who God created you to be.  

​​W.O.W - The difference between bondage and freedom is the VOICE of the Lord. 

​​W.O.W - Prayer is 95% listening and 5% talking. If you talk for 95% and listen for 5% this is NOT prayer, it's dictatorship. 

​W.O.W - It is better to be a king in a small place than a servant in a big place. 

​​W.O.W - A person that never has money on their MIND will never have it in their HAND. 

​​W.O.W - Second to Jesus, God's greatest gift to humanity is having the ability to converse with Him.

W.O.W - The enemy can only steal what you have decided to STOP doing.

W.O.W - Success is the seed for influence.

W.O.W -Preparation is the evidence of your faith in God. 

​W.O.W - You do yourself an injustice by remaining the SAME person as you were yesterday. ​

W.O.W - Anything that God is NOT involved in is a lie because HE is the truth. 

W.O.W - At the end of life's journey the only thing you really have is your memories. 

W.O.W - When you stop pursuing you will stop receiving.

W.O.W - A relationship get boring when CHANGES stop occurring.

W.O.W - You cannot receive what you are unwilling to pursue.

W.O.W - Jealousy will always create a broken relationship.

W.O.W - You are a product of your own effort.

W.O.W -Lazy people are allergic to exerting effort.

W.O.W - The ILLUSION of success is the thought of attaining material goods. The REALITY of success is attaining peace within.

W.O.W - Your habits create your success not your talents. Your talents create your joy.

W.O.W - The advantage of starting small is having the room to make many mistakes without suffering major consequences.

W.O.W -  Peace ENTERS your life when you do the right thing. Peace LEAVES your life when you do the wrong thing.

W.O.W - Effort reveals the measure of your belief.

W.O.W - Jealousy will always create a broken relationship.

W.O.W - Worldly people HUSTLE for what they want. Godly people are SUPPLIED with what they want.

W.O.W _ decrease is the proof that you did the wrong thing.

W.O.W - Increase is the proof that you did the right thing.

W.O.W - Wanting more doesn't mean you are greedy. Wanting more WITHOUT the intent to share is greed. If you are not willing to share what you currently have God will not give you nothing more. SHARING BREAKS THE CYCLE OF GREED.

W.O.W - God is merciful but He is not stupid. Don't take ADVANTAGE of his love by choosing not to change.

W.O.W - Time will always EXPOSE what has a desire to be covered.

W.O.W - Our instinct is to imitate but we must LEARN TO LISTEN in order for us to be effective in life.

W.O.W - It's better to be cautious than to be careful. A wise man heeds to a warning but a fool ignores a warning.

W.O.W - The only thing fear can control is an unprepared mind.

W.O.W -A man's greatest temptation is a woman but his greatest test is himself.

W.O.W -When you quit doing what is right, you have already submitted to what is wrong.

W.O.W - You cannot MAXIMIZE your potential if you are with a person that has WASTED theirs.

W.O.W - You cannot become a WINNER if you associate with losers. Your ASSOCIATIONS MATTER!

W.O.W - It's better to be productive than it is to be popular. Being POPULAR will only draw attention toward you but being PRODUCTIVE will cause you to make a difference in the world.

W.O.W - Just because something starts of bad it doesn't mean it will end bad. All things work together for the good of those that LOVE the Lord.

W.O.W - Thinking is the seed for innovative strategies and ideas.

W.O.W - The most efficient thing you can do while you are on the earth is to ask a question. A question reveals your passion, your weakness, your humility, your honor and your concern.

W.O.W -  Your LACK of pursuit for God reveals the trust you have in yourself and in your abilities.

W.O.W - You only have ACCESS to what you HONOR. Honor is the seed for access.

W.O.W - Whatever you take for granted will eventually leave your hands.

W.O.W - Kind words purify the soul like water purifies the body.

W.O.W- You should only fight for the things and people you are WILLING to bleed for.

W.O.W - You cannot master anything you do not understand. "In all thy getting, get an understanding".

W.O.W - A servant will always be judged by their service. Be mindful on how you are helping others.

W.O.W - The most PRECIOUS thing that a person can give you is their trust.

W.O.W - Getting upset over the things you cannot change is called wasted energy.

W.O.W - When someone gives you their heart, their emotional sanity is in your hands. Be-careful how you handle it.

W.O.W - The thought of taking revenge may be sweet but the action of revenge will end up being sour.

W.O.W - The more you discover about God, the more you will discover about yourself.

W.O.W - complaining does nothing but SLOW DOWN the process of moving forward. 

W.O.W - Being EFFECTIVE in what you do will cause you to be IMPORTANT where you are.

W.O.W -  Intimacy is the seed for obtaining a person's trust.

W.O.W - A person that only wants to be heard has no desire to change. Their only desire is to complain. Discern who wants to be heard and who wants to be helped.

W.O.W - Asking is the seed for receiving. Receiving is the seed for giving and giving is the seed for a harvest.

W.O.W - A wise child will always defeat a strong man because wisdom will show you how to solve the problem rather than deal with the problem.

W.O.W - You can only have what you acknowledge. Acknowledgement is the proof of existence.

W.O.W - There is a distinct difference between immature and mature people. Mature people know what to let go of when immature people do not have the ability to discern what is hazardous and what is healthy.  

W.O.W - You will only go as far as your vision can take you .

W.O.W -The reason wise men become great is because they understand what HINDERS them and they kill it. ​​

W.O.W - Your weaknesses will only dominate you when you do not face them.

W.O.W - You can run away from anything in this world EXCEPT your own thoughts. Make sure you think before you act. ​​ 

W.O.W - ​​The difference in discerning what is life and death is discerning what is hazardous and what is healthy. 

W.O.W - Your only limitation is what you think about yourself. 

​​ - Jealousy will only inspire you to question your abilities. 

​​W.O.W - Forgiveness removes the weapon out of the enemy's hand and places it in your hand. Equip yourself with power by forgiving. 

W.O.W - Anger will pollute your ability to make wise decisions. Never make a decision while you are angry.

W.O.W - Whatever you present in GENTLENESS AND IN KINDNESS will always be received.

W.O.W - The CONVERSATION of love that doesn't produce the ACTION of love is NOT love. It's only DECEPTION.

W.O.W - When you do what you are chosen to do, the right people will begin to choose you.

W.O.W - When you OVERLOOK what you need to do in order to do what you want to do you are moving ahead of God.

W.O.W - Saying the right thing in the wrong atmosphere will cause you to be rejected.

W.O.W - A great leader sacrifices what he wants in order to provide his people with what they need.

W.O.W - Your maturity is revealed in how you respond to a problem.

W.O.W - Pain will always inform you when you made a wrong decision.

W.O.W - Maintaining a good attitude will cause you to reach high altitudes.

W.O.W - When God doesn't increase your money He will increase your favor. Favor can break limits when money can become limited.

W.O.W - It's not what you know that changes you but it's what you believe, that changes you.

W.OW - The more you understand about God; the less people will understand you.

W.O.W - If you think you can do EVERYTHING on your own you will end up being alone.

W.O.W - Just because people have accepted your gift it doesn't mean they have accepted who you are. Discern the people you are meant to serve and who is meant to serve you.

W.O.W - If you don't invest in yourself, no one will invest in you.

W.O.W - It is impossible to manage your life if you can't manage your thoughts.

W.O.W - You cannot receive what you have not prepared for. 

W.O.W - When you refuse to listen to wise council, experience will force you to listen by causing you to endure pain.

W.O.W - God gives based on His INTEGRITY, people give on their PERCEPTION of you.

W.O.W - Foolish people cannot understand wisdom. Don't be discouraged when you are misunderstood. ​​​​​​

W.O.W - ​​A fool can never help you do anything they can only HINDER what you are attempting to do.

W.O.W - ​​The way you treat the poor is a test of your character. 

W.OW - Every enemy has one primary objective and that is to change your FOCUS away from your God given assignment. ​​

W.OW - You cannot change anything until you first get understanding.

W.O.W - Life becomes meaningless when you are a public success and a private failure.

W.O.W - A wise employee will multiply his employer's bottom line. A foolish employee will decrease their employer's bottom line.

W.OW - The purpose of your imagination is to provide the vehicle for your vision to manifest in your mind.

W.O.W -  ​​
​​ ​​​​​​The secret behind having peace is Jesus.

W.O.W - Your dreams cannot flourish in a place of discouragement.

W.O.W - When God is a priority in your life His needs come before your wants.

W.O.W - Life become meaningless when you are a public success and a private failure.

W.O.W - You can ONLY receive what you believe.

W.O.W - A poor mentality cannot receive rich blessing

W.O.W - Your faith is proven in your compliance to a Godly instruction.

W.O.W - Making yourself available to God, gives Him the opportunity to speak to you.

W.O.W - The good times may be behind you but the best times are in front of you.

W.O.W - The proof of listening is changing. Changing what is wrong is showing HONOR to the person that corrected you.

W.O.W - Foolish people CANNOT UNDERSTAND wisdom. Don't be discouraged when you are misunderstood. ​​

W.O.W - Excellence is not achieved in focusing on the big things. Excellence is achieved in MANAGING the small things. 

W.O.W - ​​
​​You will only know what you have been taught. 

W.O.W - You can only believe what you have heard. If you want to increase your belief in God, HEAR more of His voice. ​​

W.O.W - People do not destroy your destiny, you destroy your destiny by staying foolish. ​​

W.O.W - Don't ask God for an opportunity if you are not ready to move.

W.O.W - The best plan will fail if it's not centered on God and if your not focused on God.

W.OW - The more you gain in life, the more people will hate you.

W.OW -  Poverty is the curse for disobeying God laws and his teachings.

W.O.W - Your life is in God's hands but your decisions are in your hands.

W.O.W - You cannot receive your next blessing until you follow your current instruction.

W.O.W - The proof of NOT believing what God told you to do is simply not doing it.

W.O.W - God increases your faith by giving you a new challenge to master.

W.O.W - You can't FLY like an eagle if you THINK like an ant.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

W.O.W - What you SAY impresses people but what you DO impresses God. ​​

W.O.W - It is impossible to be prosperous when you refuse divine counsel.

W.O.W - Learn to move forward so that you can move up. ​​​​

W.O.W - Worrying ROBS you of your JOY.

W.O.W - Peace is the friend of Joy. Worrying is the enemy of Joy.

W.O.W -  Laziness inspires God NOT to increase you because there is nothing to increase.

W.O.W - The seed for increase is MULTIPLICATION.

W.O.W - In order to change your life you have to change your mind.

W.O.W - You cannot be wise and purposely act foolish because a wise person KNOWS the consequences of doing foolish things. ​​​​

W.O.W - If you cherish your youth time will work WITH you. If you de-value your youth time will work AGAINST you.

W.O.W - ​​​​You will only follow who you admire. Your admiration for another reveals what you value. 

W.O.W - You will only explore what you have a passion for.

W.OW - Beware of people who want you to move on their pace. ​​​​

W.O.W - You are your only limitation.

W.O.W - When you think of others before yourself, other people will think of you first.

W.OW - In this world fame makes you credible but in the kingdom of God INTEGRITY makes you credible. 

W.O.W - When you tell God No you are unconsciously saying yes to the devil.

W.O.W - When God blesses you to be a parent you now have the ability to understand how HE feels about us. ​​

​​ - Wisdom is the ONLY cure for poverty. 

W.O.W - Giving is the proof of love; Sacrifice is the proof of intimacy.

W.O.W - When you master being SELFLESS you destroy the spirit of being SELFISH.

W.O.W - Diamonds are usually found in the roughest places. You are special!!!

W.O.W - In order to change your life you have to change your mind. ​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​W.O.W - If you don't invite the Holy Spirit into your life, He will not change your life. the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He's not a thug.

W.O.W - Growth is the reward for endurance and longevity.

W.O.W - When you run away from God, you are running away from yourself.

W.O.W - Your season will change when you change.

W.O.W - The pattern you decide to follow is the life you will live.

W.O.W - When God is silent toward you it doesn't mean He's ignoring you it means He's observing you.

W.O.W - It is better to be troubled by God than to be soothed by the devil.

W.OW - Winning praise is the reward for hard-work.

W.O.W - Maturity minded people will always focus on what's IMPORTANT rather than what's IRRELEVANT.

W.O.W - Repentance is the seed for healing.

W.OW - You cannot say you trust God for finances and sow seeds into man's financial system such as the lottery, gambling and etc.

W.O.W -  Don't ask God for an opportunity if you are NOT ready to move. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

W.OW - The more you gain in life the more people will hate you. ​​

W.O.W - If you take advantage of the poor God will cause other people to take advantage of you.

W.O.W - A person with a lot of power has a responsibility to care for the people that are powerless.

W.O.W - MONEY makes you powerful in the world but WISDOM makes you powerful in the Kingdom of God.

W.O.W - ​​​​​​
​​God doesn't care about where you come from; He cares about where you are going. 

W.O.W - Whatever you allow to define you will limit you.

W.O.W - The way a person treats you reveals the way they think about you.

W.O.W -A careless attitude will produce careless results. ​​  ​​​​

W.O.W - The proof of RESPECT is FAIRNESS. The proof of HONOR is FAVOR.

W.O.W - A slave will always be a product of his master.

W.O.W - When you remember who did you wrong you will be cautious in how you treat other people. 

W.O.W - In order to be a fair judge in an argument your personal opinion of both parties must die.

W.O.W - ​​​​Nothing comes to a procrastinator but the leftovers. 

W.O.W - Ignorance is the time bomb for self-destruction.
W.O.W - The measure of your seed determines the measure of your harvest. ​

W.O.W - Excellence is the seed for greatness. ​​

W.O.W - When someone else's losses have become your gain you are wearing the scent of increase.

W.O.W - People will only be loyal to where they have invested a significant amount of time.

W.O.W- You cannot pay for loyalty; it's earned.

W.O.W - A conversation will ALWAYS reveal a person's mentality.

W.O.W - You will always settle for less when you have not had anything better.

W.O.W - It is dangerous to give a lot of power to a person that has a small mentality. ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​

W.O.W - The LONGER it takes you to believe, the LONGER it will take for you to receive. ​​

W.O.W -The people that are quick to worry but slow to believe are dangerous to the building of your faith.

W.O.W - When God has protected you your enemies can only look at you but they can't touch you. ​​​​

W.O.W - Your environment determines your growth.

W.O.W - Wisdom is realizing that EVERY decision matters.

W.O.W - A thought is a seed for an idea.

W.O.W - When God has protected you, your enemies can only look at you but they can't touch you.

W.O.W - When you focus on your limitations you will invite the spirit of worry to consume you.

W.O.W - The more God gives to you the more He expects from you because He is an investor.

W.O.W  - Your conditions groom and shape your mentality. The best way to change your mentality is to change your condition.

W.O.W - The devil STEALS your victory in God by giving you victory in the world.

W.OW -  Do not respond to idiots because giving them attention gives them credibility.

W.O.W - The purpose of fame is to create an opportunity for other people.

W.O.W -You cannot continually progress  until you master listening.

W.O.W - The presence of confusion is the proof of a lack of wisdom. What areas are you confused in?

W.O.W -Do not respond to idiots because giving them attention gives them credibility.

W.O.W - A great leader believes more in winning than their personal success. ​​

W.O.W - Saying the right thing at the wrong time will always cause you to be rejected.

W.O.W - A great leader will take an individual loss in order to achieve a corporate win.

W.O.W - You will be respected by what you SAY but you will be trusted by what you DO.​​​​​​

W.O.W - Sometimes you have to step back so the vision can move forward.
W.O.W - Most times your silence reveals what team you are playing for. Words show your passion. Silence shows your passiveness.

W.OW. - Discomfort is the seed for growth.

W.O.W - When you STOP talking, God will START talking.

W.O.W - ​​​​ ​​​​​​Everybody has problems but the person that knows how to solve their problems has peace. 

W.O.W- Lying is the seed for distrust.

W.O.W - Studying is the seed for remembrance. ​​​​

W.O.W - You can only know what you have been taught and you can only live what you believe.

W.O.W - We are NOT called to serve the world. We are called to serve God and INFLUENCE the world.​​​​

​​W.O.W - Discipline is the seed for success. 

​​W.O.W - Message to the ladies: Your LOOKS attract a man but your CONVERSATION keeps him.

W.O.W - Money is the reward for productivity. When you learn how to be more productive in your work your money will increase.

W.O.W - You can only know what you have been taught and you can only live what you believe. 

W.O.W -The first sign of maturity is AWARENESS. The second sign of maturity is RESISTING.

W.O.W -  If you lower your standards you will attract the lowest quality of people.

W.O.W - A wise person learns from the pain and mistakes of a foolish person. ​​​​

W.OW - When you let go of what is hurting you; God will begin to heal you.

W.OW - We are not called  to serve the world. We are called to serve God and influence the world.

W.O.W -Nothing changes in your life until you make a decision to change it.

W.OW - You are living your dreams when you are BUILDING on your purpose.

W.O.W -Don't sow into the problem, sow into the solution.

W.O.W - Demonstrating faith towards a Godly instruction releases what is in God's hand.

W.O.W - Ignorance is the seed for deception. ​​​​​​​​​​ ​​

W.O.W - Stealing disqualifies you from receiving increase.

W.O.W - You are living your dreams when you are building on your purpose.

W.O.W - You will be destroyed because you TRUSTED a fool.

W.O.W - To be a man of God is to be a man of your word.

W.O.W - Giving wise council is the seed for winning praise.

W.O.W -A leader must exhibit self control in order TO BE IN control. ​

W.O.W -A man of God is a man of integrity. 

W.O.W - The problem you solve is the reward you will receive.

W.O.W - Regret is the only sickness you cannot heal. Avoid feeling regretful by taking a chance.

W.O.W - If you sleep on your dreams they will soon become nightmares.

W.OW. -A good woman will treat her man right but a great woman will treat her man right ALL THE TIME.

W.O.W - The hardest lessons to learn are the ones that your experiences teach you.

W.O.W - Your life will teach you more lessons than a book ever can but a book can help you UNDERSTAND the lessons that life will teach you. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

W.OW - You will always suffer embarrassment when you act BEFORE you think. ​​

W.O.W - Reaching is the proof of faith.

W.O.W -The only thing you can learn from a fool is why you shouldn't be one.

W.O.W - The enemy cannot defeat what God has ordained to succeed.

W.O.W - God always uses the underdog to become the big dog. Don't underestimate the people that seem to be insignificant. ​​​​​​​​

W.OW - A leader must exhibit self control in order to be in control. ​​

W.O.W - You can only go as far as you have been taught.

W.O.W - Disrespect is the seed for loss.

W.O.W - Rich people lend, poor people loan.

W.O.W - The wiser you become the more promising your future will be.

W.OW -  Ignorance is the only weapon the enemy has against you.

W.O.W - Righteous living is the seed for everlasting life.

W.O.W - The length of your life is determined by the measure of your wisdom.

W.O.W - Lazy people are allergic to exerting effort.

W.O.W - Debt is the enemy to financial prosperity.

W.O.W - The purpose of prayer is to receive an instruction. The only thing that prayer gives you is an instruction.

W.O.W - Miracles are attained by the OBEDIENCE to an INSTRUCTION.

W.O.W - If you are a private saint and a public sinner you will become a massive failure.

W.O.W - God will reward what you say but He will bless what you do.

W.OW - When God blesses you; He is MULTIPLYING your work.

W.O.W - Your future will become brighter AS you become wiser.

W.O.W - You will only be remembered by the experiences you provide to others.

W.O.W - You will only receive to the measure of your integrity.


By: Fountain Hendricks